We have decided to implement a modern web chatbot feature on our website, www.keymate.cz. For its integration, we used the affiliated platform, Chetty.ai, which employs artificial intelligence – specifically, the large language model, ChatGPT, to simulate human conversations. This chatbot is designed to communicate effectively with users, better understand their needs, and enhance their experience. It draws knowledge from the website text, and can answer all website content-related questions.

For instance, a question could be, “Can I run KeyMate on Linux?” and the response would be, “No, KeyMate is designed to operate on Windows Server or within the Microsoft Azure environment. It is not supported for operation on Linux.”


These specific pieces of knowledge can encompass up to 10 pages of context. Conversations with the chatbot thus resemble an experience similar to chatting with a real person.



The key benefits of the chatbot include:

24/7 Customer Support

  • The chatbot is up and running on the website 24/7, providing users with the most relevant responses at all times.


Retaining Customers on the Website

  • Thanks to the chatbot, users can “ask” and get the information they seek immediately. Otherwise, if a customer can’t find the required information on the website within 10-20 seconds, they typically leave. In this way, the chatbot helps to retain customers on the website and increases the chances of conversion.



  • The platform also offers a summary of all conducted conversations, providing us with valuable feedback. With this feedback, we can find out what customers are most frequently dealing with, which allows us to optimize the website to make it even more user-friendly.


In addition to its conversational abilities, Chetty also has a Q&A mode, which is designed to search and find relevant answers to questions in unlimited text. This mode uses a combination of vector database technologies, similarity search, embeddings, and ChatGPT.

The system first converts all text by converting it to “embeddings,” which are representations of text in a multidimensional space, and stores it in a vector database. When a user poses a question, the system also converts this question into embeddings. Then, using the similarity search method, it identifies parts of the text where there is the highest probability of finding an answer. Using ChatGPT, these parts of the text are used as context for generating a response.


Besides the KeyMate website, Chetty also assists on websites across various sectors such as e-commerce, tattoo studios, or moving services.


The platform is operated by one of the members of our AI team and is a simpler variant of the more complex chatbots that we deploy in medium and large companies to support both internal and external communication.