We enjoy simplifying and improving life. We believe that innovation and digitization have tremendous potential for solving the problems of companies and individuals. That is why we create new innovative technological products and services.

We are an international provider of complex ICT solutions and a specialist in the development and implementation of software products. Dozens of products, services and solutions are prepared for a number of different needs of clients of all fields of business, specialization and size. And those that you cannot find there at the moment, we will create for you in a short time and with first-class quality.


We create a professional and fair environment for self-realization and creativity of people who want to create software solutions and digital products that help our clients.

We use modern technological tools and platforms such as: Microsoft 365, SharePoint, BizTalk, PowerApps, IoT and AI/ML technologies, Java, React and more.





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Education processes support


Simplify your work with accounting documents

Tow Truck

A simple application for complex situations


Digitize with artificial intelligence

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We work for clients from the insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, logistics, state administration and other segments. With our three branches and more than eighty employees, we are not a corporation. You will not encounter unnecessary processes in the company. On the contrary, we have the freedom to do things as we feel is right. Flexible working hours, the possibility of working from home and reduced working hours are among the most popular benefits at MULTIMA and are a great way to balance work and personal life.

European Union

Project NATHAN is co-financed by the European Union. The main goal of the project solution is the development of an artificial intelligence application for service and support systems of companies with a focus on healthcare, state administration, insurance and banking.

The NATHAN 2 – DIGITALIZATION AND MARKETPLACE project is co-financed by the European Union. The main goal of the project solution is the development of an application using machine learning, automation, cloud and no-code programming, which serves to digitize processes and make companies run more efficiently.