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  • Do you need to transfer data from one application to another?
  • Do you want to connect different data sources and then consolidate the data into one data warehouse?
  • Do you operate different applications and systems and need to connect them within unified processes?
  • Do you have a lot of data and need to organize them?
  • Do you need to merge disparate data?
  • Do you want to be able to automatically and immediately react to data changes?

We are the leading experts in the Microsoft BizTalk integration tool. We have many years of experience in processing, consolidating and transforming large amounts of data. We solved projects connecting processes, applications, systems and data for clients from various segments. We are your partner for integrations and data..


Microsoft BizTalk is a proven technology that brings customers truly tangible value in the form of clarification (integration) of data systems – both internal and supplier and customer systems. Microsoft BizTalk takes care of the flawless passage of data / messages (monitoring, logging, back -up, roll-back , etc.). The client thus acquires a standardized system with which he can work with several suppliers, maintains his independence from suppliers, maps and manages data flows for a long time.

Big Data

Large amount of unstructured data? You can tame them with our consultants. We will help you with the entire process from the analysis of input data, through the design of a suitable database to the resulting reporting or integration of data into other systems. We will create data warehouses for you, OLAP analysis of large data in real time, reporting and displaying data using Power BI, or also extracting, cleaning, transforming and consuming data from various sources (synchronous, asynchronous, network, local, database, file).

Integration technologies

  • Microsoft BizTalk
    A robust integration platform
  • Azure Integration Services
    Cloud solution for implementation of integrations
  • Informatica Cloud​​ Apache Camel
    Open-source framework for implementing integrations
  • Apache Kafka
    Open-source event streaming platform

Data analyticcs

  • Processing of structured and unstructured data
  • Conversion of unstructured data to structured data
  • Reporting​
  • Data visualization
  • Data clustering
  • Statistics

We are your partner for integrations and data

We ensure that your data always arrives where it belongs and that users can process it efficiently. We will enable a simpler exchange of data and information between systems.

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Needs analysis

We will find out what data is needed and how it needs to be used further.

Solution design

We will propose an optimal way of connecting systems, transferring and processing data.

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Configuration and Development

We set up integration platforms, connect data, make connectors, create custom integration tools.

Management and Support

Everything for the correct deployment, planning, management, administration and support of the deployed solution. We’ll make sure it runs whenever it’s supposed to.

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