Providing assistance to drivers in need is a beautiful and arduous mission. How about – in return – if someone takes care of you?
So let all your operational worries be removed.

MULTIMA Tow Truck is an application for comprehensive management of towing and assistance services. It is a mobile application that allows you to monitor all the actions of emergency vehicles, their drivers, take photo documentation and comprehensively manage the requirements for the use of the vehicle fleet. MULTIMA Tow Truck serves primarily drivers and dispatchers of towing, assistance, transport, and rescue services.

How does the MULTIMA Tow Truck work?

The MULTIMA Tow Truck application can be operated in the form of a web portal, but interventions can be accessed using a mobile device, such as a tablet or phone with the Android operating system.

  • The so-called responsive design allows the user to comfortably use the MULTIMA Tow Truck application regardless of the type of device, control is equally convenient on small and large screens or displays.
  • MULTIMA Tow Truck enables online registration and management of all interventions, including recording of photo documentation directly from the place of intervention.
  • MULTIMA Tow Truck contains several logical sections into which it is possible to set and assign access to designated employees or partners.
  • The MULTIMA Tow Truck application includes: license rental, rental of additional modules, ensuring the continuous operation of the application, including ongoing updates, technical support, data protection and ensuring operation in the 24/7/365 mode.


Aplikační modul

  • It enables operational intervention by the dispatcher, management of cooperating contracting authorities, registration and management of cash payments and has many other functionalities.
  • It can also be used to manage cars in the towing car park.
  • The application provides clear statistical outputs.

Case study

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  • MULTIMA Tow Truck allows access from anywhere via a secure internet connection.
  • MULTIMA Tow Truck – these are surprisingly low entry and operating costs.