Staff training and development should not be your nightmare. Become the master of all courses, seminars and trainings.
And handle it efficiently and easily.

MULTIMA Mentor is a system for managing educational processes in the company (Learning Management System ). This web application is used to manage and record employee courses, trainings, and workshops. However, its flexibility also allows it to serve in the management of sales representatives or external partners. The MULTIMA Mentor product is primarily intended for HR managers, education managers or team leaders in general.

How does MULTIMA Mentor work?

MULTIMA Mentor allows you to list, publish and edit any type of training program and make it available to a specific target group.

  • Can precisely define target groups for education according to set criteria.
  • MULTIMA Mentor provides clear and up-to-date overviews of the status of the teaching process in the company – which courses someone applied for, which courses they completed, etc.
  • MULTIMA Mentor monitors the set capacity limits of individual courses and trainings. If they are exceeded, it will automatically prompt the responsible person to list another deadline.
  • All training program data is recorded for users in a calendar in MS Outlook.
  • The system enables the implementation of simple inputs and precise, collective outputs for the highest company management.

    What can MULTIMA Mentor do?

    • For each training, it is possible to publish any study presentations and other teaching materials.
    • Installation of the MULTIMA Mentor product is possible in a matter of hours, during full operation of the company’s IT.
    • The user interface can be implemented in various language versions: all common language versions are possible in the user module, the module for the administrator communicates in Czech or English.
    • The system is graphically friendly and very user-friendly – learning to work with it takes about an hour. Thanks to the Instructor module, the MULTIMA Mentor system can also manage e-learning and online courses.

    Case study

    • The system allows you to generate and evaluate feedback – such as the satisfaction of training participants, suggestions for new educational topics, etc.
    • Sophisticated user help is a natural part of the application.
    • Within the module Legal trainings, the dates of legal trainings are automatically monitored, related medical examinations of employees are registered, etc.
    • The MULTIMA Mentor product is flexible and capable: it can serve tens of thousands of users, and it can work just as well in small and medium-sized companies and institutions.