MULTIMAManaged Documentation is an application working on the SharePoint platform, which enables complete work with important formal company documents, such as internal standards and contracts. On the one hand, it acts as a secure repository for various types of documents, enabling their easy creation, comment and opposition procedures, approval and, ultimately, efficient sharing.

MULTIMA Managed documentation is completely elastic, it easily adapts to all types of business processes. It automates and thus greatly streamlines internal communication and sharing of company know-how. It is a perfect helper for all types of organizations, regardless of their focus and size..

How does MULTIMA Managed Documentation work?

The MULTIMA Managed Documentation application serves as a tool for the implementation and management of the processes of creation, opposition, approval and sharing of important company documents – from internal standards and directives to various types of company contracts and arrangements. The author (so-called Guarantor) has the opportunity to create a document in the system and invoke a comment procedure.


  • In the case of internal standards, the Guarantor can be any employee; in the register of contracts, the authorized guarantors are highly specialized employees (however, the definition of the Guarantors is within the competence of the client).
  • To create a document, the Guarantor can use a whole range of pre-prepared templates according to the type of document required.
  • When creating a document, the Guarantor may invite any number of employees (according to defined company processes) to comment. Reminders can also be set up automatically – for example, according to the company’s organizational structure.
  • During the comment procedure, each of its members is continuously informed by e-mail.
  • The commenting employee will gain access to the commented document after being granted the right of opposition.
  • The commenter can delegate this task to another employee (his department or project representative).
  • The system itself monitors the defined workload of individual commenters and does not allow for possible overcrowding of individual employees with an excessive number of opponents.
  • The administrator checks all formal steps of document creation as well as the course and results of the comment procedure.

What can MULTIMA Managed Documentation do?

  • The system provides all its users with a complete record of individual steps – from the creation of the document to its approval.
  • The system is completely elastic – it can adapt to all types of processes, all types of organizational structures, etc.
  • Editing or setting parameters of the MULTIMA system Controlled documentation is easy and fast and does not require specialized IT skills.

Case study

The application was used as a starting point for the creation of the “Register of Contract Documentation” and the “Central Register of Internal Standards” in Kooperativa.

Both projects serve to increase the transparency of the workflow, automate the process, which have so far been solved by email, ideally to completely eliminate printed documentation and to clearly archive these documents in one place.

Proof of functionality and at the same time the driving force for new projects is positive feedback from colleagues and also nominations for the Top 14 projects in the prestigious Deloitte Legal competition. Disruptors Awards.